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Life Counts
English Edition
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by Stewart Brand

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Life Counts The Mephisto-Principle The Future and its Foes
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The future is open
and will be


Are you fed up with
doomsters and pessimists
who predict the end of the
world every other week?

Do you like to form your
own thoughts and opinions
about the state of the world
and the future?


Then, welcome to
the English section
of our homepage!

We, Dirk Maxeiner and Michael Miersch, are two journalists and authors living and working in Germany. Our articles are published in major leading newspapers and magazines in German-speaking countries and we have written bestsellers on subjects covering the environment, science, and society. They have been reviewed in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and have caused controversial debate.

The following pages offer a few short extracts from our German website in order to give you some idea of our work and summaries of our books.


Our view?

We are fed up with intellectual doomsters and pessimists who predict the end of the world every other week. We enjoy confronting them with a world that persistently refuses to perish. Self-righteous moralizing gets on our nerves just as much as the extensive nanny state.

We are too optimistic and anti-ideological for the greens, too progressive and unpredictable for the conservatives, and too subversive and market-economy friendly for the social democrats.
Above all we are too cheeky and not serious enough for any of them, since Germany confuses gloom with profundity. We would rather join those who are looking forward to being part of a dynamic, evolutionary, and never-ending process of changes. The future is open and will be thrilling. Inventive talents, individual responsibility, and freedom are the best qualities and attributes for this.

So take a look at our English pages. Become acquainted with the view of sceptical liberals in Germany. Click onto our letterbox and feel free to send us any criticism, encouragement, or just greetings. Have fun.